A look at Society with a Sober mind

When they say “say no to drugs” do they include alcohol? After all it is a drug and nearly kills 100,000 people a year!

I tell kids all the time that society wants you to believe that you need to celebrate everything by having to drink…I mean think about it we celebrate an age with the right of passage of doing a drug. We see all the time on shows and movies as well as commercials that celebrating with alcohol is our way of life.

The thing I also noticed is that we grieve with the same drug…which is a depressant mind you…the whole “drowned our sorrows” thinking about it I am surprised more people don’t die from this unhealthy way of thinking, yet we raise our children this way.

We always preach eat healthy, exercise etc. but when it comes to our mental health….uhhh…lets do drugs and drink them away…we tell our children to be good to do good etc. yet we have drugs in our own home and we do them right in front of them.

Do you realize that your kid when they try this drug might react differently under it and have issues with it for the rest of their life. What kind of parent does that make you…do you realize no matter how much you think you are telling them about it that their brain is not your brain…imagine them playing Russian roulette or should I say would you let them play Russian Roulette because that’s what it’s like 1 out of 4 kids who drink before the age of 16 will have an issue with this drug!!!!!!!!

But hey it’s okay…it’s only alcohol…society confirms it!!!!!


The Road to Recovery


The hardest thing in life is to admit that we need help and when it comes to addiction it’s even harder. That’s where my passion comes in as a consultant/mentor to get you on the straight and narrow from addiction. I offer a 6 month week to week mentoring program to help you get your life back without having to break the bank or having to leave home for weeks at a inpatient facility. If you or anyone you know needs help, please don’t wait until it’s too late…let’s get to work today. This is my life’s passion as a recovering alcoholic, I know how this affects families and the addict as well. I am available to my clients 24/7 as this disease doesn’t ever take a break. I offer that for as long as I live, that’s my commitment to you and to this disease. I work with families and help them understand what the addict is going through while helping the addict in the process. I care, and my goal is to help as many people as I can!

“Making a difference one speech and person at a time”

The journey of sobriety is a whole knew life!


It’s not as if we wake up one day and “boom” we are sober and doing fine. That’s the problem with society is that we feel things should be given to us and it should be easy. Let me be the first to tell you….it’s not! Is it worth it…yes…is it hard as he$$…you better believe it. With sobriety you awaken to a whole knew life:)

The hardest thing is actually to admit that you…yes you have a problem. People for years could tell you that you do, but if you don’t admit to it the tornado will keep spinning. Once you have admitted there is a problem, the journey can begin.

With everything else we do in life the thing that we don’t want to do is compare our sobriety with anyone else’s, we all learn and advance at a different pace and that is the truth so why get caught up in it:) Have a set plan of what you need to do to get you to where you want to be and work at it every secod of every day. The only true goal is to remain SOBER, so if that is happening no matter what you rhink I am hear to tell you that you are WINNING!

I provide a journey at ones own pace, I will hold you accountable and need 100% of you at all times. In return I will always be here for you as I know what it’s like and I know how you feel. 24/7 is my promise to you that I will always be there, as this disease never takes a second off of trying to kill you and your dreams. With sobriety you awaken to a whole knew life.


MUCH LOVE and Happy Sobriety!!!!


Second chances are a myth for the average Joe

Yes I said it and I believe it because it’s happening to me as I write this. I am not rich and I don’t come from a family of money, my parents are not rich and I am not lucky enough to have had parents that were so they could give me money. I have made some mistakes in my life that are lasting. I have 3 different degrees, 2 of which I drank away and one I can’t get a job with because of my past and getting a DUI.

In some fields this is no big deal for the most part, plumbing, electricians etc. and if you are rich or powerful…athlete, politicians, actor etc… When they say you deserve a second chance, that may be true but when it comes to making a living it’s just not the case for the average Joe who has a bachelors degree in the business world. 2nd chances are a myth in my world, i can’t get jobs I am overqualified for let alone jobs I am qualified for. I have done things for work that I never thought I would just to get by to provide a life for my daughter while not having one of my own. I have done all the right things or at least it seems I have with nothing to show for it. I at this very moment have nothing and hanging on by a string, I have talent, I am smart but that can’t erase my past.

Moral of the story don’t be me, unless you have rich family members or have people that know people or if you work in a field where it doesn’t matter or if you are a kiss ass. The mistakes I have made and the price alcohol has caused me is more than you can ever imagine. That’s why I started this business, but just because I help a lot of people doesn’t mean I make any money.

Don’t let drugs make it so you never get a second chance.




Do you need Help

Do you need help or maybe someone you know? Is it hard to watch someone continue to drink and you don’t know what to do? These are just a few question we ask when we ourselves or someone we know needs help when it comes to drinking. That feeling of hopelessness watching someone we know and love fade away do to this disease. I have personally watched it within my family and experienced it myself as an alcoholic.


The question always is what can we do and how do we do it. Do interventions work? They might or they might push the person away. The guilt felt during this is amazing, for the alcoholic and for the people involved. I am here to tell you that you can’t fix or make it better without the person involved wanting to get help.

I was in rehab when I didn’t want to be and I was upset with the people who told me I needed to be there. I wasn’t ready and continued to drink and wasn’t going to stop no matter what. The more people tried to help me, the more I took advantage of them. People thought they were helping me, but really they were just enabling me.

That is the hardest thing to deal with is to know whether or not you are helping and that’s where I come in. I don’t offer miracles, I just offer the truth. I don’t judge and I don’t have all the answers. The thing I do have however is passion, a passion to help fight this disease as I have fought it myself and now a sober. I know personally what it’s like to live through the hell of destroying my life and destroying others. I don’t push people and go at their pace when it comes to recovery. I help not only the person with the disease but I also offer help to those who are affected by that person.

The thing that separates me from big business recovery centers is that I don’t want tens of thousands of dollars… I do one hour sessions at your convienance, i do familt sessions and specialize in helping kids.

This can’t be done alone, I am here to help, but you first have to admit it, that is that you need help!!!!





The mission of 365 Days Sober

I have been sober from alcohol now for almost 8 years…I truly am thankful for being alive and with that I feel I need to share my gift of sobriety by educating and helping others.

I encourage and motivate others to be open and honest about their feelings and that by telling their story they might help others as well. I want people to know that they are not alone and that they are worthy of happiness without alcohol.

For some reason we grow up with the idea that either we need to celebrate with alcohol or grieve with alcohol or drugs in general for that matter. We preach to our kids about safety yet we may smoke and drink in front of them or celebrate with drugs and more. The issue I have is that just because you may not have a problem, doesn’t mean they wont. So I ask you  to help in the education of alcohol and tobacco.

My biggest mission is to inspire and educate kids on the risks and ramifications of alcohol and speak to what it can do to their lives. Unfortunately for most of them they don’t see they negative side of alcohol, the pain and destruction it creates with millions and millions of people.

I have found that most kids I have talked to have no clue of the destruction drugs can cause, not only to them but to others. I have found that my speeches resonate with them because I tell my story and I am so open and honest about my life.

I am no different from them or anyone else for that matter, I am just now in tune with myself and my emotions at the age of 42. I hope for them that through my story they can be more in tune with their emotions and how to deal with them with everyday life. If I only reach one at a time then I know I am making a difference.

If you know of anyone or any school you think either needs help or I should speak at please let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated!

“Making a difference one speech and person at a time”


Thoughts and Prayers

I take this time to send condolences to the families of the fallen officers in Dallas, to the families of the 2 men who were killed in Louisiana and Minneapolis.

I am at a loss for words what is going on in our Country. I don’t pretend to know everything or have any answers. I wish we could all come together as one to figure it all out instead of fighting. Right, left, black, white…. we are all worthy of our most important right… and that is to live!

Again and again we look for answers and again and again we don’t seem to find any. I hear leaders say this over and over again yet nothing happens because they fight over their political beliefs instead of our rights to live.

Our rights to live seem somewhat gone, the value of life seems somewhat gone. Talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words.

It’s time we value each other more and stand for our rights to LIVE!!!!

Thoughts and Prayers and much love to you all